Financial Support

The projects of ASM in Romania are funded almost exclusively by private donations. Only a very small percentage of our funding to the children’s home comes from the Romanian government.

We are thankful for the many, many friends and acquaintances who have made our work in Romania possible. Looking back, we recognize that we have always received whatever finances necessary to help those here in Romania.

The long-term responsibility we have taken upon ourselves is great. Currently there are over 20 children and youths who need shelter, clothing, food and mentoring. This is done by 15 employees, many on a part-time basis, who receive salary compensation. Additionally, there are two real estate objects requiring heating, renovation and care. The investment for this is significant. Yet, there has always been enough – and we hope this continues to be the case.

The gypsies in Dumbravita also regularly receive aid. If we did not have the financial means, we would have no choice but to stop the so urgently needed and so gratefully accepted help. There are always more people we could help, but we too have our limits.

We thank all benefactors who have supported us with funding!

Here again is our account information:

Sparkasse Westmuensterland
Account No: 35 117 050
Bank Routing Code: 401 545 30
IBAN: DE33 40154530 0035117050 – SWIFT-BIC: WELADE3WXXX

Please provide your name and address along with every transaction.