Without the many paid and unpaid helpers this work would not be possible. Currently there are 14 on-site employees, some on a part-time basis.

Foremost amongst them are our mothers and female aids who patiently take care of our children on a daily basis. They believe in the work they do and do not receive a handsome salary for it.

Then there are our caretakers and one psychologist who take care of accommodation, education and raising the children. Working in the office are our director and secretary.

For the project in Dumbravita we have hired a teacher who keeps us informed us about the situation there as well as organizing aid in cooperation with the local authorities.

And then we still have our “civil peace workers”, each of whom gives us their services for one year.

In additional to the paid employees there are also numerous volunteers who sacrifice their time and money to support this work. These include many friends from Germany, England, Switzerland, Holland and Canada, who help us in practical ways, with finances, in word and deed, with encouragement, and last but not least, by stand at our side in prayer.

We would like to express our many, many thanks!