Help for the Needy Right at Home

Of course there is also help for those in need right at home.

This elderly woman has a pension equivalent to 35€, which is not nearly enough to survive on. In summer she collects wood for her oven and tries somehow to make ends meet. Often she comes to our home and waits until Maja has time to exchange a few words with her. She receives a bit of money, sometimes a bit to eat, before she goes on her way.

In this way many people in and around Ghimbav receive support in the form of money, clothing, furniture, and food or laundry detergent. Occasionally medication is purchased, as long as they have doctor’s prescription.

Just as the compassionate Samaritan helped the person who had been robbed and beaten, the workers in our homes try to help with those things needed in each individual situation. Sometimes in our eyes it’s only a small need, maybe just a prayer, sometimes it’s long-term and expensive aid.

All of the people here are loved by God, and often they have not done anything to cause their situation. They were not asked where and into which conditions they wanted to be born.

But we have the possibility to show God’s love by treating them as people in need and helping them in that need. We consider ourselves very blessed by God; why shouldn’t we share some of this blessing with others?