The Children’s Home

Currently we have three groups of children between 3 and 19. These groups have been organized to resemble a family, each led by three female employees.

The group of younger children consists of five children from the J. family and one other boy.

Familie JocziThe family with its six children was supported for a long time by ASM. They received clothing, food, furniture and assistance in raising and providing for the children, but then it became apparent that this was not significantly improving the children’s situation. In winter they went barefoot, in summer nearly naked, and they were undernourished. They did not receive any intellectual stimulation, rather were mainly left to themselves. The parents were completely overwhelmed by the situation.

Kristina JocziFinally the youth welfare department took action and decided to remove the children from the family. They approached ASM for assistance. Immediately, provisions were made by purchasing an apartment in Kronstadt, and the children were taken in. Meanwhile, the group has moved to our property in Ghimbav.



This is the group some time after they moved into the home. The children are settling in well and becoming increasingly happy and lively. Two of them are doing well at school, two are having a few problems there. In their day-to-day life, they come across as completely normal children. The three oldest are now already teenagers.


The second group is currently made up of seven children aged between eight and nineteen. They also live on the compound with the other groups. In contrast to the first group, they are a colourful mixture of children from very different families.

As of December 2010, we have a new third group. The six children come from three different families. Some of them have experienced horrific things in their lives – it is impossible to imagine the suffering that some Romanian children have to endure. From neglect (two of the children were living alone in their parents home for weeks) to physical violence (one child had numerous breaks in his arm due to being beaten) can be seen here to a shocking extent. We hope that we can give these children a home where they can experience love and protection, and that we can help them to come to terms with their past suffering.