History of the ASM

In 1991 Gotthold Scheytt retired and developed an interest in Romania. He was deeply touched by the need of the people there, especially the children.

After working on several projects, in 1992 he visited a shelter for street children in Kronstadt. The children stayed in one room with several bunk beds, their hair shorn, sometimes with several children in one bed. They did not receive even the most basic care and waited to be collected by their parents or relatives. This could sometimes take a long time. While they waited, they did not attend school and received no motivation or encouragement. In effect, they were simply locked up and left to vegetate.

One of the children in particular inspired Gotthold, and this child was in essence the impetus for establishing the Compassionate Samaritan Association (Asociatia Samaritaneul Milos – ASM).

LuminitsaThe child whose fate so strongly moved Gotthold was Luminitsa. In this photo she is about 20 years old.
In 1992 Luminitsa was about five years old. She was mentally and physically handicapped and barely spoke. Her birth origin and identity were unknown, and therefore no one to notify about her being taken into the shelter. Her destiny would have been to stay either there or in an orphanage until she was believed to have reached legal age. Gotthold decided to give her and identity and a home, and this is how the history of ASM began.


Hof heute

First the legal framework had to be established in order to operate. The Scheytts founded the Verein Asociatia Samariteanul Milos, which translated means „Association of the Compassionate Samaritans”. Next, with the financial support of private donations and the protestant charity “Diakonisches Werk” in Memmingen, they purchased an old farmhouse in Ghimbav/  Weidenbach, near Kronstadt. Until June 1995 the farm was rebuilt and renovated so that in November 1995 the association was granted authorization to take in children.


Emma mit Familie.

Meanwhile Gotthold and Maja had found Emma and Dan, a Dutch-Romanian married couple, who would become parents to the first children admitted. In December 1995 the first group, to which Luminitsa also belonged, moved into the house.


.In winter 1998 the Scheytts moved to Romania themselves, in order to better support and oversee the work.

Over the years another house was purchased in Ghimbav, the Casa Noua, as well as an apartment in Kronstadt. Two additional groups of children came into being. And other projects resulted.

In 2001 with the help of the Dutch organization EZRA, a project was started in Codlea, in which disadvantaged children received free school meals and homework assistance. The government then put a similar assistance program into place, so that ASM’s project could be concluded in summer 2008.

In 2004 the association began to support selected Roma families in the small town of Dumbravita.

In 2006 the German affiliation of the association was established, „Die Scheytt-Stiftung“, in order to create the legal framework for the administration of donations. Until then this had been handled by the district church office in Steinfurt.