The Scheytt Foundation

The Scheytt Foundation was established by Gotthold and Maja Scheytt in 2006. The objectives of the foundation are:

  • Providing aid to orphaned children and youths
  • Support for general and work-related training and education
  • Social aid for needy families and individuals

The basis for the work done is faith in Jesus Christ, and has the goal of helping others encounter the love of God by investing in their lives and/or providing support in the form of consultation. The needy individuals are helped irrespective of their religious conviction.

At present, the foundation supports predominantly The Compassionate Sa

maritan Association, founded by Mr. and Ms. Scheytt in Romania (Asociatia Samariteanul Milos- ASM). However, aid is not limited to this particular organization.

The foundation’s projects are financed almost exclusively by private donation.


The Board of Directors of The Scheytt Foundation includes Maja Scheytt, Julia Scheytt and Christoph Scheytt.

Belonging to the Trustees are Michael Braasch, Helga Erberich, Roland Hetzer and David Warzecha.

Ingrid Donjes provides administrative support.